New blaster 'you' is online now...

Welsh indie punks Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard will release their debut album 'Backhand Deals' on February 25th.

Word is out on the Cardiff group, who smashed through a 1000 capacity hometown show last month.

Debut album 'Backhand Deals' is out early next year, with Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard set to preview material with two shows at London's Social venue (October 20th and 21st).

New single 'You' is out now, a barbed return that showcases the band at their wildest.

A barrage of energy, 'You' comes equipped with a Will Clark directed video which references those classic Sunny Delight ads.

Vocalist and guitarist Tom Rees explains...

“Individual responsibility has always been around, but I feel over the past three elections we’re so jacked up on it we don’t remember what community living was like. We’re all just huffing this Darwinist glue of “I am a lion and lion’s look after themselves”, which is objectively incorrect. It seems weird that the burden of individual responsibility is touted by elitist slugs who have never had to work for anything in their lives and have had everything given to them as and when they asked for it… imagine being told to pick yourselves up by your bootstraps by Jacob Rees-Mogg.”

He continues: “The benefit of the burden allows privileged thugs to inspire in the rest of us a special kind of hatred for people less fortunate than us. Not even less fortunate than us, but less fortunate than anyone at any point in time which is why it’s such a perfect tool - it applies to everyone at every time across every spectrum of belief. When arguments break down to the level of personal responsibility, the higher concepts that warrant that arguments are set aside, which is the primary source of it’s discoursal power.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Lily Brown

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