Burna Boy Shares Moving ‘WHISKEY’ Mini-Documentary

Watch it now...

Burna Boy has shared a moving new mini-documentary for his song ‘WHISKEY’.

The Nigerian star returns to his hometown of Port Harcourt for the short film, which looks at poverty and pollution. ‘WHISKEY’ is one of the most moving moments on recent album ‘Love, Damini’ and it takes on a new hue surrounded by these visuals.

Out now, the short film depicts the neglect Port Harcourt has been shown, contrasting this with the prevailing sense of community. Discussing the film, Burna Boy reveals that constructing it was an emotional experience.

He comments…

“Everything was a lot worse than the way I left it. The air was fully polluted, everything would be black when you wake up, even the cars. It’s really what you see in the documentary. This is real life, everyday life for my people.”

I feel like we’ll make songs about everything else, so why not make songs about what’s really going on and what’s really affecting the people in real time. That’s what the song ‘Whiskey’ is. I hope it does its job and creates the necessary awareness and some type of change comes from this. If you don’t know, now you know.”

Check it out below.

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