Bruno Major Shares ‘We Were Never Really Friends’

Tune in now...

UK songwriter Bruno Major has shared his new single ‘We Were Never Really Friends’.

The songwriter’s 2020 album ‘To Let A Good Thing Die’ won outstanding critical acclaim, raising his work to a fresh level. Since then he’s taken time out, re-dialling his creativity and working out the correct step to take.

Now he’s ready to take it. An international tour is upcoming, with all tickets going on sale a week today (May 12th).

New song ‘We Were Never Really Friends’ is a potent yet nuanced return, the gentle, soulful pang of his voice picking out the emotional resonance of those lyrics.

“‘We Were Never Really Friends’ paints a picture of the blurry line between friends and lovers,” Bruno explains. “Ostensibly lamenting the loss of a good friend, until the ultimate realisation arrives that it was always something more.”

Tune in now.

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