briskin Adopts Sobriety On ‘Chemicals’

It's a neat alt-pop burner...

North London alt-pop voice briskin has shared his new single ‘Chemicals’.

The songwriter’s debut mixtape ‘Forever Was A Feeling’ landed back in 2020, produced by mentor and ex-Klaxon Jamie Reynolds. Closing one chapter and opening another, he recently returned with more new material, a dose of ultra-colourful pop.

New single ‘Chemicals’ is out now, and it pieces together psychedelic aspects with neat elements of G-Funk. Potent, synth-driven pop, the layered, mosaic approach is married to lyrics that explore sobriety and pulling away from substance abuse.

“’Chemicals’ is a song I wrote about my strenuous relationship with weed although the metaphor could pertain to a host of different things” briskin explains. “It draws on a kind of circus/clown aesthetic which me and Alex Naim (who ended up producing this one) were exploring. The walking bassline and pitched up guitars give it this kind of goofy feeling which I fell in love with.”

Backed by some neat visuals, ‘Chemicals’ is another sign of briskin’s growing maturity. Explore his journey in this archive Next Wave piece.

Tune in now.

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