'High Life' due on June 30th
Brian Eno x Karl Hyde

It seems that some artists just can't stop. Brian Eno and Karl Hyde - he of Underworld fame - only released new album 'Someday World' a few weeks ago, but already a follow up is brewing.

"When 'Someday World' was finished I felt like we were still on a roll and I wasn't ready to stop working and get into 'promotional mode' for that record" Brian Eno explains. "So I suggested we immediately start on another album, a different one, where we extended some of the ideas we'd started, and attempted some of the ideas we hadn't."

New album 'High Life' is the result. Out on June 30th, the material produced by the collaboration seems to be quite raw, experimenting with different equipment and plenty of polyrhythms.

"I wanted to work with a stripped down set of equipment..." says Karl Hyde. "For this album I was very keen for Brian to live process my guitar playing so that we would be effecting one another’s performance, bouncing off each other, inspiring new combinations of polyrhythms."

Check out new track 'DBF' below.

'High Life' is due to be released on June 30th. Tracklisting:

1. Return (09.00)
2. DBF (04.14)
3. Time To Waste It (08.19)
4. Lilac (09.24)
5. Moulded Life (04.55)
6. Cells & Bells (07.41)

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