Brian Eno Twitter Battle

With Alan McGee

Maverick producer Brian Eno has become embroiled in a war of words with former record label boss Alan McGee via the social networking site Twitter.

Beginning with his work in Roxy Music, Brian Eno has enjoyed a fascinating if frequently confusing career. A pioneering producer, Eno crafted seminal electronic records and helped kick start the genre of ambient music.

The producer’s work with U2 has become the stuff of legend, propelling the group to international stardom via albums such as ‘The Joshua Tree’ and ‘Achtung Baby’.

The argument began after McGee, who famously ran Creation Records, suggested that all Eno’s productions were good for was making people fall asleep.

The former Oasis label boss asked Eno: “Was it your idea to dress up Coldplay as the Beatles?”

Eno replied this morning with a curt message stating: “Fuck off, wanker”. The ever-erudite McGee then wrote: “Morning Brian, wondered when you would wake up. When are you going to make a decent record again it was 1972 was the last one c*nt.”

McGee then posted a number of comments including: “I would have stuck to the art installations more chance of having a decent conversation with a bulb than Coldplay or Dido/bland.”

Eno seems to be ignoring McGee’s constant baiting.

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