Legendary producer Brian Eno is set to release his new album through equally legendary record label Warp.

Brian Eno is one of the most acclaimed producers in the music industry. With an art school background, the engineer's forward thinking ideas have helped push many bands to the paths of greatness.

Fresh from working with U2 and Coldplay, Brian Eno has signed a record deal with Warp. The Sheffield imprint have scooped to nab the producer, who has apparently been working on a new album for some time.

Earlier this year Brian Eno curated a festival in Brighton which he used to expound his ideas of a 'scenius' - that musical ideas are filtered through collectives rather than individuals.

Lining up a team of respected producers, fans were able to watch as the ideas shifted and developed. Amongst the engineers recruited for the project was Underworld's Karl Hyde and Jon Hopkins.

It seems that Hopkins is set to work with Brian Eno on his new album, re-uniting a partnership which has produced some fantastic work recently - the pair joined forces to help Coldplay produce 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends'.

Now Brian Eno has signed to Warp Records to release the album. The label has helped foster a near unparalleled roster including seminal material from Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher and Boards Of Canada.

One of the foremost label's in electronic music Warp can now add Brian Eno to their stellar roster.

Brian Eno is set to release a new album in November.

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