With another open letter...
Brian Eno

Brian Eno has never been shy to voice his opinion.

The producer/musician/auteur has a striking mind, one seemingly able to skip around logical bull-warks and reach fascinating, if unexpected conclusions.

So his entry into the debate over Israel's actions in the Palestinian territories was largely welcomed. Criticising the actions of the Israeli state, Eno also hit out at the Western world for their compliance in these events.

Deciding to expand on these thoughts, Brian Eno has now posted another letter online, this time with the Stop The War Coalition.

Stating that believes some anti-Israel thought is fuelled by anti-semitism, the producer explains that the reason he takes a prominent interest in this conflict - over, say, Sudan - is that he believes his voice can make an impact.

"It isn’t just about Israel for me, but about what my government is doing in my name. The money we pay in taxes is helping to support this situation. I can see all the reasons you’ve listed as to why our respective governments have ended up with the stances they have, but understanding isn’t the same as condoning. I want to make it clear to them that 'A lot of your citizens don’t support you.' This is what I understand as democratic participation, civic responsibility."

"My main point is to pick the fights you can win. Whereas I don't have any instruments at all with which to affect Sudanese politics (even if I wanted to), I do have some power to change the way that Britain relates to Israel. Why would I want to do that? Because unlike you, I don't see the Middle East as a lost cause. Israel, unlike the other countries you mention, claims to be like us, part of the Western First World, part of the same set of moral assumptions - and many Israelis (though apparently not the ones in government) are."

Read the full letter HERE.

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