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Brian Eno is set to release his new album 'Drums Between The Bells' on July 4th.

A seminal, ground breaking musician Brian Eno's career is nonetheless dogged by periods of inactivity. Often wondering why he makes music at all, the producer is prone to bouts of artistic drought.

Not so across the past two years. Brian Eno has hosted festivals, worked with countless artists and even completed his long awaited new solo album.

Proving that Eno albums are in fact like buses, the producer has confirmed news of another record. 'Drums Between The Bells' is set to be released on July 4th and features words from Rick Holland.

The pair first met in 2003, and began working together soon after. Sessions for 'Drums Between The Bells' followed the release of Brian Eno's wonderful solo album 'Small Craft On A Milk Sea'.

Now complete, 'Drums Between The Bells' is set to be released on July 4th. Listen to preview track 'Glitch' below:

Brian Eno - glitch (taken from Drums Between The Bells) by Warp Records

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'Drums Between The Bells' is due to be released as a 2-CD hardback edition, including a 44 page book and a second disc containing instrumental versions of material from the album. A limited edition vinyl pressing will also be available, containing an mp3 download code for the material.

Brian Eno is due to release 'Drums Between The Bells' on July 4th. Tracklisting:

1. bless this space
2. glitch
3. dreambirds
4. pour it out
5. seedpods
6. the real
7. the airman
8. fierce aisles of light
9. as if your eyes were partly closed as if you honed the swirl within them and offered me ... the world
10. a title
11. sounds alien
12. dow
13. multimedia
14. cloud 4
15. breath of crows

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