New album from Raconteurs man

Celebrated American songwriter Brendan Benson is set to return with his fourth solo album 'My Old, Familiar Friend'.

Brendan Benson emerged from Michigan in the mid 90s with a clutch of songs that recalled power-pop greats such as The Cars yet with something unique inside them. His lyrical touch and the consummate ease that he seemed to operate with marked Benson out as a hugely promising talent.

Yet debut album 'One Mississippi' flopped, causing Brendan Benson to return to Detroit and lick his wounds. Becoming close friends with a then unknown guitar player named Jack White, Benson re-emerged in 2002 with his second album 'Lapalco'.

Hailed by critics, 'Lapalco' blended Brendan Benson's melodic touch with wonderful production which really allowed his songs to breath. After another solo album - 'The Alternative To Love' - followed before Benson embarked on a new project.

Forming The Raconteurs with Jack White and two members of The Greenhornes, the band took psych-rock from the late 60s and injected some garage rock passion. After two albums the group agreed to take a rest, with Jack White forming another supergroup.

Benson has returned to his roots as a solo artist, recording a number of tracks in Nashville. Produced by one time Pixies cohort Gil Norton, the album is capable of melting the most stubborn of hearts.

The sign of a true craftsman, the new album contains a number of different styles all woven into Brendan Benson's distinct songwriting voice. Moving from psych to rock and folk, Benson's musical touch contains a maverick streak yet always remains faithful to his melodic vision.

Containing a host of surprises and guest appearances, the album moves from the lustful croon of 'Feel Like Taking You Home' to the soulful Motown shuffle of 'Garbage Day' without losing a breath.

With a number of celebrated albums behind him, Brendan Benson has a lot to live up to. Yet the Detroit songwriter's new album matches his reputation with ease.

Brendan Benson is due to release 'My Old, Familiar Friend' in August. Tracklisting is as follows:

'A Whole Lot Better'
'Eyes On The Horizon'
'Garbage Day'
'Feel Like Taking You Home'
'You Make A Fool Out Of Me'
'Poised And Ready'
'Don't Wanna Talk'
'Lesson Learned'

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