Bree Runway Enters A New Era With ‘THAT GIRL’

"I’m just oozing sex, glamour and confidence whilst everybody watches..."

Hackney artist Bree Runway has shared new single ‘THAT GIRL’.

The future-pop all-rounder opened 2022 with the wind in her sails, grabbing the cover of Clash for an instantly-iconic shoot. We explored her world in-depth, before Bree played a flurry of sold out shows across the UK and beyond.

Taking a step back to regain her focus, Bree Runway erupted out of the traps a few hours ago, sharing new single ‘THAT GIRL’ in full.

Teased on socials, ‘THAT GIRL’ feels like the complete package – pointed in attitude, musically finessed, the visuals bring the whole thing together as a three-dimensional object.

Bubbling production, the cutting edge sonics are matched to Bree Runway’s emphatic vocal, infusing the pop template with new ideas until it breaks apart completely. She comments…

“I’ve been on a mini hiatus and there’s no better way to remind you that I’m THAT GIRL. This song automatically makes me feel like the main character in the middle of a sweaty club, and I’m just oozing sex, glamour and confidence whilst everybody watches. It’s my everyday reminder of how fabulous I am, and it’s your new everyday reminder too – you’re automatically a 10 if you: turn this on, fuck with it, press play and feel liberated, pumped up, and free.”

Tune in now.

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