"I want whoever listens to my records to feel like they are here with me..."
Jacob Banks

Everyone has moments when they feel down, when they feel like the world is against them.

As an artist, though, Jacob Banks is perhaps better placed than most to channel these feelings into something positive. New cut 'Monsters' matches a hip-hop beat against gospel vocals, the call and response fusing together into something intense yet extremely memorable.

Clash invited Jacob Banks to talk a little about the song's gestation:

"'Monster' was born at the end of really late session with my friends Tre-Jean Marie and Silkey. After we were done with the song we were working on at the time, I asked Tre to put down some claps and then Silkey started those real 'give your life to the gods' type chords and I felt what I call "a punch in my throat", this feeling I try to look for in every song I pen."

"Tre and I then came up with the chant section. At this point Tre and Silkey tired of me and they both had to go home,Ii then took the rough idea home with me, wrote the lyrics and mapped out the production in my head and a couple weeks later I met up with producer Show N Prove and put life to the little idea I had."

"After Show and I were done, I called AV (Avelino) to see if he wanted to jump on the track - I've always been a fan of his work and I knew he would bring a different element to the track and he came through and blessed us."

"The actual writing of this song was quite easy because I had been in a funk of feeling like a monster for a while, I just kinda mirrored how I was feeling with the connotations of a monster in Medieval times. I had gone through months of people pissing me off and then being like "yoo, why are you vex?!" But yeah, writing is kind of whatever, I'm more focused on the delivery, I want whoever listens to my records to feel like they are here with me and I pray that comes across."

Dive in below.

Jacob Banks' new EP 'The Paradox' is forthcoming.

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