Boy Bleach Strip Back The Veneer On ’21st Century Rockstar’

"It’s just a bit of a paradox innit..."

Boy Bleach return with new single ’21st Century Rockstar’.

The fresh blast follows the success of the East London group’s debut EP, which landed earlier this year. The quintet align around two sets of brothers, and one pal (who may as well be family) giving them a very close-knit feel.

The intense chemistry gives rise to their anthemic songwriting, pop-edged indie delivered with no small amount of grace. Out now, ’21st Century Rockstar’ dares to speak the truth, stripping back the veneer of the music industry.

A bulldozer of a track, ’21st Century Rockstar’ grapples with the paradox of seeking fame, but being repulsed by its consequences. Boy Bleach comment…

“Hearing someone call themselves a 21st Century Rockstar is fucking cringe but that was kind of the point, there’s no glory in our account of this, if anything it’s more depressing just coated in excess. We always heard tracks from successful artists touching on the toll the career and celebrity has had on them but never heard anything talking on the adjustment into it initially – so we wanted to write that self-referential track right at the genesis of our career capturing the feeling of entering this “world”, we went from working full time shite jobs to our primary job being music so it was still weird to acclimatise, and while we still smelt like shoe shops and pubs we thought it was as good a time as any. We’re pretty small time as well which just made the track even funnier for us.

“So we went to the quietest most detached place we could find to cut the noise and just made a song about the pain of excess and indulgence, celebrity and industry in the least indulgent way we could to add insult to injury. It’s just a bit of a paradox innit.”

The full video is online now – effortlessly stylish, you can check it out below.

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