Boris Johnson Resigns – Your Favourite Musicians Rejoice

BoJo? Oh no.

Boris Johnson has resigned.

The current UK Prime Minister became increasingly beleaguered in recent weeks, his decision to appoint Chris Pincher to Chief Whip of the Conservative party blown apart by sexual assault allegations lodged against the politician.

The story dominated headlines, and added to the perception of Tory sleaze, and a lawless government who clearly felt they could do as they wished.

With the mud refusing to wash away, a number of MPs in his cabinet downed tool, issuing notices of resignation on social media. Tim Burgess was quite to note a curious facet of trivia, relating to Mark E Smith and the many members of The Fall:

Some resignations had a curiously musical tone, such as this rather left-field reference to a Jimmy Eat World track. Truly, we live in unprecedented times.

At times, the rolling headlines took on a hallucinogenic, can-this-really-be-happening air…

When the news broke, the reaction was swift, celebratory, and in the most cases pretty simple: relief.

Some were keen to point out that those who facilitated this current mess should not go unpunished.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, to be honest!

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