Bonobo’s ‘ATK’ Has An Engaging Rhythmic Pulse

Check out the hypnotic video...

English producer Bonobo has shared new track ‘ATK’.

The electronic musician returned recently with new album ‘Fragments’, achieving his biggest chart success yet. Crashing into the UK Top 10, the record has prompted a summer of stellar live outings, but Bonobo is already looking ahead.

New single ‘ATK’ was crafted around the same period ‘Fragments’ was brought to fruition, and it began as a tool for his DJ and live sets. Sampling Atakora Manu’s ‘Dada’, he lifted aspects of the seminal Ghanaian Highlife composer’s work, and placed it in a startling, club-centric context.

He comments…

““ATK” was made around the same time as ‘Fragments’. Initially a DJ edit of Atakora Manu’s ‘Dada’, it became something fuller and a track of its own. I felt it was a little too bashy to fit on the album and wanted to save it as an OUTLIER release to be aimed more at the dancefloor…” 

The trippy video takes you on a vivid, colourful train ride; steered by the McGloughlin Brothers, it moves through pastoral landscapes and graffiti-strewn walls.

The film team comment:

“We wanted to create a minimal film embodying ideas of serendipity and perception, allowing the world to reveal itself in unusual ways spontaneously. If you have ever looked out of a train window to see the wires and tiles weave and dance in a magical way, this, in essence, is what we wanted to capture in our film. Our own living ‘zoetrope’.” 

Tune in now.

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