A collection of Peel sessions...
'Pond Scum'

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has detailed new album 'Pond Scum' - a collection of sessions recorded for John Peel.

The sessions were recorded for the late Radio 1 host - an outspoken advocate for the good Prince's music - over the space of eight years.

As such, expect material from across his catalogue, alongside plenty of surprises. Out on January 22nd via Domino, 'Pond Scum' will be presaged by a free download.

Grab the Peel session version of 'Rich Wife Full Of Happiness' HERE.

'Pond Scum' will be released on January 22nd. Tracklisting:

1. (I Was Drunk at the) Pulpit
2. Death to Everyone
3. Arise, Therefore
4. Jolly Five
5. Beezle
6. Jolly One
7. When Thy Song Flows Through Me
8. The Houseboat (O How I Enjoy the Light)
9. Trudy Dies
10. The Cross
11. Stable Will
12. The Idol on the Bar

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