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Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club are set to release their new album early next year - check out a teaser on Clash.

Bombay Bicycle Club are nothing if not prolific. The North London group have released a grand total of four full length studio albums in just five years, with material spanning indie pop, post-folk and even the odd (very odd) Joanna Newsom cover.

It's been a strange journey, one that has led the band to spend a little more time on their latest effort. Due for release early next year, Bombay Bicycle Club's latest album was largely written on the road with frontman Jack Steadman scribbling notes as the tour reached the Netherlands, India and beyond.

Speaking about the material, Steadman said: "I feel like we’ve found the balance between making it interesting and intelligent, but also not highbrow or elitist". New track 'Carry Me' is streaming online now.

Bombay Bicycle Club have collaborated with award-winning creative company Powster to deliver an interactive new clip - using the mouse on your computer, users will be able to make the dancers move in the direction they wish.

Take part HERE.

Stream 'Carry Me' below.

Bombay Bicycle Club are set to release their new album in early 2014.

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