...and it's called
So Long, See You Tomorrow

'So Long, See You Tomorrow'.

The product of some 18 months in the studio, the new album was written and produced by Jack Steadman. Written in locations across the globe, the international nature of the working process seemingly unlocked the singer's muse: "I think there is a romantic side to it, although I always try to leave the meaning side of a song and theme wide open."

Intended as a conceptual album of sorts, Mark Rankin stepped in to mix the final document. 'So Long, See You Tomorrow' is the band's fourth album in five years, with Bombay Bicycle Club seemingly finding their own sound.

Jack Steadman explains: "The last few years have been spent trying to move towards 'our sound', the fact that we have produced the album ourselves has helped a lot!"

Bombay Bicycle Club will preview material from the album with a special show at London's Abbey Road studios on December 13th - find out how you can attend HERE.

'So Long, See You Tomorrow' is set to be released on February 3rd. Tracklisting:

1. Overdone
2. It's Alright Now
3. Carry Me
4. Home By Now
5. Whenever Wherever
6. Luna
7. Eyes Off You
8. Feel
9. Come To
10. So Long, See You Tomorrow

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