It's out on March 11th...

New York art-punks Bodega have laid out plans for new album 'Broken Equipment'.

The band's second album, it's out on March 11th and will coincide with a batch of UK tour dates.

Lead single 'Doers' is incredibly infectious, with the lyrics echoing the language used in self-help books and vlogs.

There's a sly irony here, however, with Bodega tackling the toxicity that runs alongside forced productivity; there's even a jab at Daft Punk, with its mantra of "bitter, harder, fatter, stressed out."

Bodega's Ben Hozie comments...

"Sometime on tour near the end of 2019 I found myself reading and watching a plethora of self-help books and Youtube vids. This started from a genuine desire for spiritual and physical improvement but I soon started noticing how advertisements everywhere were utilising the language of self-help. I was being programmed."

"‘You don’t have time to cook dinner tonight because you are too busy crushing it as a doer —> You are creating next level content and don’t have time to hang out w/ friends or family this weekend so download this app and have ready-made food delivered to you for 29.99.’ This ideology of constant productivity forces you to treat your own body, mind, time, and friends as products to mine ——> As a result the world becomes a smaller, duller place. All artists (all people) desire to be productive : 'Function is the key.' Yet... If a photo is taken of you in the woods: for all millennia you’ll always be stuck in the woods."

The video picks up on Millennial reference points, including nods to key clips by Slipknot and director Hype Williams - tune in now.

'Broken Equipment' will be released on March 11th.

Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana

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