Session drummer passes away

Bobby Graham one of the most influential yet unknown musicians to emerge from Britain, has passed away.

As the British pop industry exploded a series of global hits were penned, performed and recorded by just a handful of people. Paid per hour, a number of session musicians helped carve out their place in pop history.

Some of these musicians - hello Jimmy Page! - would go on to find further fame, however most would remain in the sidelines. Bobby Graham, who passed away recently, played on over 15,000 recordings yet remains relatively unknown.

Musical from a young age Bobby Graham had an interest in jazz and blues. Drawn into the recording industry he worked extensively with a number of inventive producers.

His association with Shel Talmy meant that Graham played on a series of groundbreaking recordings which set out the template for garage rock. The drummer on The Kinks' recording of 'You Really Got Me' Graham's brutal rhythm propelled the track to global success.

Also playing on the seismic follow up hit 'All Day And All Of The Night' Bobby Graham played on thousands of tracks as British pop music took on the world. Producer Shel Talmy was moved to name him as "the greatest drummer the UK has ever produced".

The drummer appeared on Petula Clark's 'Downtown', Dusty Springfield's 'I Only Want To Be With You' and 'Gloria' by Them.

Bobby Graham also claimed that Brian Epstein asked him to join The Beatles after the sacking of Pete Best. However the drummer turned it down, claiming the band just weren't famous enough at that point.

Bobby Graham died at the Isabel Hospice in Welwyn Garden City on Monday (September 14th), following a four month battle with stomach cancer. The drummer is survived by his wife, Belinda, his son, Shawn, and his younger brother, Ian.

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