Bobby Basil’s ‘Dirty White Tee’ Tells A Cautionary Tale

The Dublin riser talks on the struggles of addiction within his city...

Bobby Basil has shared his brand new single, ‘Dirty White Tee’.

Addressing the troubles within his city, the Dublin riser offers up a stark moment of storytelling with his latest release. ‘Dirty White Tee’ explores a relationship tainted by addiction, violence and paranoia, exposing listeners to a harsh, thought-provoking reality. The release arrives alongside self-directed visuals, a cinematic accompaniment to Basil’s cutting lyricism, which expands his craft into new, complementary spheres.

First landing on the scene as one half of hip-hop outfit Dah Jevu, Basil has swiftly evolved into a spotlight from Ireland’s underground. Seeking to make an impact with his words, Basil continues to strengthen his pen with each studio session, piecing together a versatile, truth-telling string of releases. 

As he builds demand for a new project, Bobby Basil’s ‘Dirty White Tee’ is an ambitious and charged step in the right direction.

Tune in now.

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