Bob Mould Autobiography Due

Husker Du man pens memoirs

Astonishing news has reached us that former Sugar and Husker Du singer Bob Mould is set to pen his autobiography with a little help from renowned American journalist Michael Azerrad.

Mould was one of the pivotal figures in the 80s American underground, fronting the seminal group Husker Du. A prolific songwriter, he led the band from their noisy hardcore roots into something a little more accessible to the outside world. Their double album ‘Zen Arcade’ was one of the best LPs released anywhere in the 80s, a stunning tour de force of hardcore ethics and ambitious songwriting.

After Husker Du’s disintegration Mould went on to form the acclaimed group Sugar. Signed to Creation Records in the UK, the band did not have the impact of Husker Du yet released their fare share of classic alternative rock.

With a solo career that now stretches nearly 20 years, Mould clearly has a lot to write about. Add in the fact that he is gay, and once worked as a writer for World Championship Wrestling, and you have a hell of a good read.

Azeradd, meanwhile, has made a living chronicling the American underground rock movement. His book ‘Our Band Could Be Your Life’ is a wonderful insight into 80s alternative rock, while his book ‘Come As You Are’ remains one of the definitive texts on the life of Kurt Cobain.

Bob Mould’s autobiography is scheduled for release in 2010.

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