Bob Dylan Is A Coronation Street Fan, Seemingly

Lauded songwriter has given a new interview...

Bob Dylan has revealed that he is a Coronation Street fan.

The songwriter’s new book The Philosophy Of Modern Song is out now, and to celebrate he answered a few questions – over email – from the Wall Street Journal. The results were posted in full on his website, and contain an array of revealing and cryptic responses.

Bob Dylan rarely gives interviews, which makes this one all the more potent. At times dismissing modern technology, he leans in on his influences – everyone from Eminem to Nick Cave and Dvorak – while also revealing his telly habits.

In a response that might well be tongue-in-cheek, Bob Dylan says that he enjoys watching Coronation Street, as the UK soap isn’t “foul smelling or evil”. Partial to around two hours of TV per day, he refuses to watching anything “disgusting” or “dog ass”.

He says: “I’ve binge watched Coronation Street, Father Brown, and some early Twilight Zones. I know they’re old-fashioned shows, but they make me feel at home. I’m not a fan of packaged programs, or news shows, so I don’t watch them. I never watch anything foul smelling or evil. Nothing disgusting; nothing dog ass.”

“I’m a religious person. I read the scriptures a lot, meditate and pray, light candles in church. I believe in damnation and salvation, as well as predestination. The Five Books of Moses, Pauline Epistles, Invocation of the Saints, all of it.”

Now in his 80s, Bob Dylan seemingly enjoys boxing and sparring, saying he has “been doing it for a while”.

He explains: “It’s part of my life. It’s functional and detached from trends. It’s a limitless playground, and you don’t need an App.”

Find the interview in full on his website.

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