Bob Dylan Academic Conference

Rock's poet laureate dissected

Bob Dylan is to be the subject of a major academic conference at the University Of Bristol this summer.

‘There’s something going on here and you don’t know what it is… do ya, Mr Jones?’

So sneered Bob Dylan on his classic track ‘Ballad Of A Thin Man’. Widely seen as a swipe at the world of academia who sought to define a folk tradition he was attempting to expand, the song has done nothing to stem the flow of criticism surrounding the songwriter’s work.

Now approaching his 70th birthday, the University Of Bristol have decided to organise a major new conference on Bob Dylan’s work. Speakers include some prominent academics, who have sought to dissect the singer’s back catalogue.

Once seen as a voice of dissent, Bob Dylan is now widely recognised as one of America’s most important post-war writers. With his work featuring on university courses around the globe, the conference aims to reflect a wide array of criticism.

The only conference of its kind in the UK, the University Of Bristol will host the event on May 24th. Titled ‘The Seven Ages Of Dylan’ the event matches classic studies with groundbreaking new work.

The keynote address at the conference will be given by Michael Gray, the academic who wrote the first critical study of Dylan’s work back in 1972. Other speakers include Professor David Boucher (Cardiff), Dr Richard Brown (Leeds) and of course Professor Aidan Day from the University Of Dundee.

The Dundee institution made headlines by offering students a module in the singer’s work, with Bob Dylan being dissected from a number of critical viewpoints. Now discontinued, the course reflected the growing importance of Bob Dylan’s back catalogue within the wide context of modern American poetry.

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‘The Seven Ages Of Dylan’ takes place on May 24th.

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