Blur’s Dave Rowntree Shares Solo Single ‘London Bridge’

It's his debut solo single...

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree has shared new solo single ‘London Bridge’.

The drummer is a mainstay in the seminal UK group, guiding them through various iterations, a split, and a reformation. Also a Labour councillor and a keen space enthusiast, he’s now plotting some solo activities.

New single ‘London Bridge’ is online now, and it’s nursery rhyme appeal is matched to some crisp electronics. Reminiscent of Kraftwerk in its simplicity, it’s a kind of English road hymn, one that has a real flavour of its own. Studio sessions saw Dave Rowntree work alongside Leo Abrahams, a Brian Eno collaborator and renowned composer in his own right.

Now living in the countryside, Dave Rowntree looks back on his time in the Metropolis. He says:

“When I lived in London things just started happening when I was near London Bridge, going over London Bridge on the bus, or on the tube going underneath London Bridge. I would just notice events occurring, or have life changing thoughts, make decisions and it was slightly unsettling. I had to confront my London Bridge demons.”

French design trio Cauboyz sculpt the visuals, a series of industrial shapes crafted in paper.

Gently hypnotic, you can check it out below.

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