Alex James Turns Farmer

Former Blur bassist turned gentleman farmer Alex James is set to unveil his latest cheese, which is named after a track by seminal Manchester group New Order.

James has retired from the life of rock 'n' roll to the relatively quiet confines of rural Gloucestershire. Now a happy farmer, James and business partner Juliet Harbutt have launched a new cheese called 'Blue Monday' under their Evenlode label.

"Our first goat cheeses, Little Wallop and Farleigh Wallop, are little niche cheeses, not a big hit single as we hope Blue Monday will be," James told This Is Gloucestershire.

Harbutt enthused about the cheese, claiming it was made quite quickly and is "a moist cheese, gooey, spicy with quite a mellow flavour with sweet notes".

Earlier this week the business partners won the 'Best Goat's Cheese' award at the British Cheese Awards in Cardiff. Who needs a Brit when you've got a Cheese Award?

James turned to farming after the release of the last Blur album 'Think Tank' in 2003.


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