Bloomsday’s ‘Virtual Hug’ Is Truly Endearing

A reflection on loving bonds...

Bloomsday returns with new song ‘Virtual Hug’.

The songwriter’s new album ‘Heart Of The Artichoke’ lands on June 7th, packed with wry, amusing, and often moving indie hymns. Pared back production lets each note ring out, with Bloomsday operating in a confident, refreshing fashion.

Take new song ‘Virtual Hug’. New York-based Iris James Garrison lives on the opposite coast to their best friend, meaning that IRL met-ups are precious.

Unpicking feelings of longing and acquaintance, ‘Virtual Hug’ is wonderfully endearing, the quiet emotion of the vocal applying a subtle sense of intensity to the song.

“As this song came to me, I was thinking a lot about how my best friend was moving to LA. I hadn’t spent time away from them for longer than a week before, and was trying to imagine what that might be like,” Garrison explains.

“My partner and their best friend are on opposite coasts so I’ve seen them weave one another into their daily life for a week or weekend at a time, and then hug goodbye in tears, flying off until their next reunion.”

A real pearl, ‘Virtual Hug’ comes equipped with a Joe Pietropaolo directed clip, featuring Bloomsday and Blair Howerton of Why Bonnie enjoying a day in Brooklyn.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Desdemona Dallas

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