One off release confirmed
Blood Red Shoes x PABH

Blood Red Shoes and Pulled Apart By Horses are set to cover each other for an upcoming seven inch single.

The ClashMusic team love a good cover version. Long a staple on the merch stall, our record collections are littered with one off singles featuring the headline band covering the support act (and vice versa).

So it's heartening to see Pulled Apart By Horses keeping this tradition going. Guitarist James Brown has launched new imprint Covered Records, which intends to release a steady stream of one off singles.

Blood Red Shoes and Pulled Apart By Horses lead the way, sharing a slice of vinyl for the inaugural release. Pulled Apart By Horses attack ‘Heartsink’ while their Brighton cohorts rampage through ‘Get Off My Ghost Train’. 

Two contrasting quotes...

Steve Ansell (Blood Red Shoes): “We are kindred spirits and it's about time we did this split we've been talking about for 3 years. We chose our favourite tune of theirs and sleazed it out a bit.”
James Brown (Pulled Apart By Horses): “We thought this would be an amazing idea and pretty cool for fans. So chuffed it came together.”

Stream clips from both tracks below.

- - -

'Heartsink' / 'Get Off My Train' is set to be released physically on March 11th, with a digital release arriving on April 11th.


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