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Bloc Party

Bloc Party have confirmed plans to release new EP 'NEXTWAVE Sessions' later this year.

Reports of Bloc Party's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Sure, the band might want to take a break - after touring for that long, wouldn't you? - but that hardly means that they'll be disappearing.

As if to embarrass over eager news editors still further, the group have completed work on a new EP. 'NEXT Sessions' contains brand new, unreleased material with the opening two cuts boasting the production skills of Dan Carey.

Lead track 'Rachet' airs on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show tonight (June 25th) and is billed as a vicious, direct return. Kele Okereke says:

"Ratchet was the first song we recorded with Dan. It really came together whilst we were on tour in 2012. We started slipping it into the sets at the start of this year just to try it out and the reactions were insane. We knew we had something special."

'NEXTWAVE Sessions' will be released on August 12th. Tracklisting:

French Exit
Children Of The Future

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Watch out for Bloc Party at this year's Latitude festival.


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