It's the first sign of new album 'Feeding Seahorses By Hand'...

Billie Marten drifts back into our lives with adorable new single 'Betsy'.

The songwriter's rightly celebrated debut album 'Writing Of Blues And Yellows' was crafted across her teenage years, a series of wry, amusing vignettes drawn from her adolescence.

An album about growing up, she looks ahead on follow up LP 'Feeding Seahorses By Hand'.

Out on April 26th, the record is teased by wonderful new song 'Besty', with its gentle feel belying its lyrical ire.

Crafted alongside Rich Cooper, 'Betsy' is actually directed at a corrupt political class, and the manner in which young people have been let down.

She explains:

“It was the first time I’d tried jamming with someone and had the pressure of writing instant, spontaneous lyrics. They poured out actually, it’s about confronting a politician, no one in particular, but sort of ridiculing them. I liked the idea of using number 9 instead of 10. I didn’t want the big political stance, and I didn’t want to single out a specific human, it’s representing parliament as a whole institution really.”

“The song turns the wise old politician into a child, infantilising them takes away their power. I think most people feel a bit unsafe with it all, because it’s impossible relate to these characters. No one shows any personal weakness or empathy, and if they do, they’ve already cracked”.

A drifting, wonderfully evocative vocal, it opens...

Heard you got the job
Hope it serves you well

Tune in now.

'Feeding Seahorses By Hand' will be released on April 26th.

Photo Credit: Katie Silvester

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