Billie Marten Announces New Album ‘Drop Cherries’

It's out on April 7th...

Billie Marten will release her fourth album ‘Drop Cherries’ on April 7th.

The songwriter made her debut in 2016, with the excellent full length ‘Writing Of Blues And Yellows’. Two acclaimed albums followed, before Billie retreated to ponder her next move.

Out on April 7th, ‘Drop Cherries’ is the first album she has written and co-produced – alongside Dom Monks – herself, with sessions taking place in Somerset and Wales late last summer.

The title was suggested by a friend, and it taps into the recurring themes of relationships, and the pain/pleasure that can come with opening up. The title ‘Drop Cherries’, Billie explains, tries to “capture the vibrancy, unpredictability, and occasional chaos one experiences within a relationship.”

She adds: “Imagine stamping blood-red cherries onto a clean, cream carpet and tell me that’s not how love feels.”

Gentle new song ‘This Is How We Move’ is quietly beguiling, it’s twilight folk atmosphere aiming for something organic, and natural. Recorded on tape, there’s a warm to the finished product, one that matches Billie Marten’s astute songwriting.

She comments…

“A song about finding the natural rhythm and pacing between two people. Working together and flowing as one – the relationship dance. John Martyn / JJ Cale ease of recording. Double bass Nick Pini. ‘You keep the garden, and I’ll take the view, this is how we move.’ Different wants and needs, catering for each other’s happiness. DESERVING TO BE LOVED.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Katie Silvester

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