Biig Piig, Deb Never Link On New Single ‘Picking Up’

It's a song about "anxiety and chaos..."

Biig Piig has shared her new single ‘Picking Up’.

The songwriter is continually creative, and a recent spell in London saw her link with NiNE8 affiliate Mac Wetha. The two threw some ideas around, before mutual friend Deb Never strolled into the studio.

New single ‘Picking Up’ is the result, a smooth piece of pop-edged neo-soul that illustrates Biig Piig’s blossoming magnetism. The deft vocal has plenty of light to it, counter-acting the darkness in the lyric, one that explores “anxiety and chaos”.

Out now, it’s another sign of Biig Piig’s incoming mixtape ‘Bubblegum’, which will be released on January 20th.

“Picking Up’ is about wanting to run, get outside of your body, or go and punch something…anything to get the feeling out,” says Biig Piig. “I just love Deb and her energy: the track itself is heavy, but we had a lot of fun making a song about following anxiety and chaos.”

Deb adds: “I’ve been a fan of Biig Piig for a while now so it holds dear to me that we created something special, especially with Mac Wetha, who is a close friend and who produced on the track. I’m elated to be a part of this song.”

Tune in now.

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