Their debut album is incoming...

BIG SPECIAL have shared new song ‘BLACK DOG / WHITE HORSE’.

The Black Country duo are making waves, with the searing honesty of their music cutting through the noise. Debut album ‘POSTINDUSTRIAL HOMETOWN BLUES’ is out on May 10th, and a flurry of singles are already becoming anthems.

A powerful live experience, BIG SPECIAL hit the road across the spring and summer months, maintaining that incredible sense of connection with their fans.

Out now, ‘BLACK DOG / WHITE HORSE’ touches on a key theme from the upcoming album – depression, and how to deal with it. Lyrically, it picks apart depressive cycles, and the toll that intrusive thoughts can take.

A hugely powerful piece of songwriting, ‘BLACK DOG / WHITE HORSE’ is incredibly incisive, with words that pack a real punch. BIG SPECIAL comment…

‘BLACK DOG / WHITE HORSE’ is about fear, about rumination, intrusive thoughts and cycles of depression. It’s about trying to figure out how to reach out when feelings of guilt and shame take hold. It’s about recognising these things in others, noticing the lost and undervalued, and their increasing numbers.

It comes from a thing I wrote years ago, about a burning snake traveling in the hot sun and a small wren flying high above it to block the heat and give it shade, taking the burden of the sun, because the little bird loves the snake and won’t see it defeated, for whatever reason.

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Isaac Watson

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