New video for 'Idyllwild' placed online...
Big Deal

Big Deal have decided to split, leaving fans with one final song.

The band have been through various incarnations, but always hinged on the partnership of Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe.

Issuing a statement online, Big Deal confirmed their intention to part company:

"It is with a tremendous feeling of sadness that we announce that Big Deal is no more. If you already bought a ticket to one of the shows or festivals we had booked this summer we can only say we are sorry, it seems sudden to us too. But, we also feel a great sense of gratitude, as we have met so many beautiful, wonderful people along the way. Some of which we shared stages and tour buses with, and some who helped us get our message and music as far and as wide as this crazy world allowed. But we have the greatest love and thanks for those of you who made it all possible by coming to our gigs, buying our records, saying hello virtually and physically, and all the other ways you let us into your world."

A video for new cut 'Idyllwild' is online now - it's their final document, so check it out in all its eight minute glory below...

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