'June Gloom' due in the summer
Big Deal

Big Deal have completed work on their second album, which they have titled 'June Gloom'.

Late last year Big Deal dropped past one of our issue launch shows at the Lexington in London. The duo had expanded - introducing live drums and a second guitarist - and unveiled new track after new track.

Clearly, something was up. Recording fresh material with Rory Atwell, Big Deal began focussing on their second album with a renewed sense of vigor. Now the results are ready to be unleashed. Titled 'June Gloom', the band are set to release their second album through Mute this summer. New track 'Teradactol' has already emerged online, and provides a typically feral introduction to the duo's new material.

Listen to it below.

ClashMusic caught up with Big Deal last year. Kacey Underwood spoke about the new album, explaining: "We didn't want too much time to think about it though. We aren't pulling any punches. It was great to work with the limitations that we imposed on ourselves the first time, but this record was in many ways much easier to make, and at the same time so much more draining and rewarding. Having other people in the studio was nice as well."

Read the full interview HERE.

Big Deal are set to release 'June Gloom' this summer.