Mick Jones project re-visited

Big Audio Dynamite are set to re-visit their classic debut album on a forthcoming re-issue.

Mick Jones left The Clash under a cloud. Jettisoned from the band he had help form and guide to global acclaim, the songwriter gathered a few close friends around him and began making music to escape his predicament.

Merging reggae, hip hop, soul and rock the loose knit collective soon began to make waves on London's music scene. Named Big Audio Dynamite the band recalled the freewheeling musical spirit of punk but looked to the future.

Formed with reggae DJ Don Letts, Big Audio Dynamite were completed by Dan Donovan, Leo Williams and Greg Roberts. A rolling collective, the band found commercial success and even supported U2 on a world tour.

Second album 'No 10 Upping Street' saw Joe Strummer produced the group, with Big Audio Dynamite surviving in one form or another until their split in 1998.

A profoundly important yet deeply neglected band, Big Audio Dynamite's genre-bending spirit can be seen throughout Britain's music scene. Much more than 'What Mick Did Next' the band could be set to get their due with a new re-issue on the horizon.

'This Is Big Audio Dynamite - Legacy Edition' is set to be released on April 26th. Remastered, the original album will be presented alongside a bonus CD containing rare remixes, dub versions, edits, outtakes and B Sides, 5 of which are previously unreleased.

“Our sound was a blend of New York beats, Jamaican bass lines, English rock’n’roll guitar and me taking care of the sampled dialogue and movie stuff" explains Don Letts. "The B.A.D. philosophy was to utilise all the elements of the media to create a fuller sound and write songs that were about something. With a foot in the future and a foot in the past we were dealing with the right now.”

'This Is Big Audio Dynamite - Legacy Edition' is set to be released on April 26th.

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