Betty’s ‘Mind Over Matter’ EP Is Revelatory

Tune in now...

UK vocalist Betty has shared her new EP ‘Mind Over Matter’.

The six-song project goes to the core of her being, unpicking old memories in the process. An act of soulful therapy, her R&B-soaked songwriting comes form the heart, exploring Betty’s adolescent experiences.

As a neuro-divergent kid whose childhood wasn’t straight forward, she often found herself in challenging situations – ‘Mind Over Matter’ after all.

The songwriting touches on club tropes, incorporating this in a manner that is introspective but expression. London artist Betty comments…

‘Mind Over Matter’ is something I was brought up on. Most scenarios would come down to ‘it’s mind over matter’, which I think is comical ‘cause in this day and age if you say I’m struggling with this and that, people would never advise you to just get through it.

But it’s an incredible saying really. It’s made me really strong and who I am today. The power of the mind is underestimated. I guess it ties in with having anxiety and adhd and dyslexia growing up. Some people grow up and it’s all ‘oh she’s different, she’s special’, where as I was raised to get over it.

I feel grateful to be able to have written this project. It helped me come to terms with myself and I hope it helps others understand this stuff and feel as if they’re not alone.

Tune in now.

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