Betty Returns With ‘Take Me Under’

Tune in now...

Indie pop riser Betty has shared new single ‘Take Me Under’.

The musician is working to a broader plan, making sure that each facet of her work speaks to the next. Recent single ‘Mum Says’ was an indie blaster, a song of autobiography that spoke straight from the heart about her true identity.

Moving swiftly, new single ‘Take Me Under’ builds on this; interlocking with her previous work, it’s a song about pushing back, about realising that you should never waste your energy on those who don’t deserve it.

The production has a raw DIY aspect, allowing Betty to go that bit deeper into her feelings. Discussing her work, she comments…

“I think ‘Mum Says’ was like an autobiography. A summary: that song was like ‘here’s some information so you can decide who I am, since everyone wants to judge me’. This song was more ‘I’m really vulnerable and I might seem like I’m tough and this and that, but I have been chewed up and spat back out, I actually feel emotions soooo deeply.”

“’Take Me Under’ is about feeling used up by everything and everyone and having enough of it. I don’t mean taken advantage of by anyone in particular, just having had enough and wanting to go and live in a cave. Around the time I wrote this song I was coming to terms with who I was and what I wanted out of my relationships with friends, family and intimate relationships. I always give so much and I still make that mistake. I was coming to terms with what actually makes me happy.”

Tune in now.

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