Weather predictions turned upside down

Bestival 2011 has opened to sunshine, turning weather predictions on their head.

Blimey. All week ClashMusic has been predicting doom and gloom for Bestival, with all indications pointing towards a wash out. However the gates have swung open and fans are enjoying warm spells of sunshine.

Current reports from staff onsite indicate that Bestival is warm, dry and looks set to stay that way for the entire weekend.

Due to its position in relation to the mainland and the Channel, the Isle of Wight enjoys a micro-climate that makes it notoriously difficult to second guess the weather. The BBC have previously predicted heavy rain for the duration of the festival.

Yet weather service Met Check are predicting a rather drier, more enjoyable weekend. Currently, the skies are bright with temperatures due to reach a fairly warm 21 degrees Celsius.

The site will be cloudy overnight, with Saturday (September 10th) opened to light spells of cloud. Short showers in the afternoon will be followed by clear skies, with temperatures due to be slightly cooler.

Periods of rain overnight could make the ground slippy for early risers on Sunday (September 11th). Temperatures will once again be slightly cooler, struggling to reach 18 degrees Celsius.

However after a few lunchtime showers the site should clear, with Bestival expected to end on a warm and (hopefully) dry note.

So there we have it - different stories from different weather services. The moral of the story? You're better off sticking your head out of the window...

Bestival runs between September 8th - 11th.

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