Bernard Sumner Electro Project

New Order singer working with Jacques Lu Cont

One time New Order singer Bernard Sumner has revealed that he is working on a new electro-pop project with Jacques Lu Cont.

New Order rose from the ashes of Joy Division to become one of the most influential British groups of the 80s. Where others were squabbling over indie ethics the Manchester group casually re-defined what it was to be a band.

Taking on board concepts such as the 12 inch remix, New Order introduced elements of dance music to their style. Inadvertently helping to spark the baggy movement New Order were also the co-owners of the legendary Hacienda nightclub.

After a few break ups and re-unions New Order shuddered to a half last year. Since then, bassist Peter Hook has been working on a soon to be released book about the Hacienda while also recording an album with his Freebass project.

The remainder of New Order seem to have reconstituted themselves as Bad Lieutenant. However in a new interview singer Bernard Sumner has revealed that he is also working on a new electro pop side project.

“Well, when I was making the Bad Lieutenant album I was also making a synthesizer album with Stuart Price – also known as Jacques Lu Cont – who produced the last Killers album, and Madonna’s last-but-one album” he revealed to Pitchfork.

“But doing both at the same time was a bit much for me. As soon as I’m free, I’m going to finish the album with Stuart.”

Continuing, Bernard Sumner claimed that the new electro-pop material would not simply be a re-tread of past glories. “Bands like Hot Chip can look back to music that we made in the 80s, but I can’t do it because that would be repeating myself.”

“In the 80s, we never looked back to the past, so I don’t think I could get away with it now. It’s a strange situation.”

Bad Lieutenant are due to release their new album on October 5th.

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