Benjamin Clementine Launches New Album ‘And I Have Been’

New song 'Genesis' is online now...

Mercury Prize winning songwriter Benjamin Clementine is set to release new album ‘And I Have Been’ on October 28th.

The new album is out on October 28th, released via the songwriter’s own label Preserve Artists. The record was built during the pandemic, and comes from a prolonged period of introspection from the UK artist.

He comments…

“‘And I Have Been’ was conceived during COVID. Like everyone, I was also confronted with a lot of lessons, complications and epiphanies to do with sharing my path with someone special. ‘Part One’ is just setting the scene, it’s the tip of the iceberg which sets the scene for ‘Part Two’, which goes deeper.”

The project could wrap up Benjamin Clementine’s music career, with the album’s second part slated for next year – and, as he admits, it could be his last release.

For now, fans can soak up the dizzying ‘Genesis’, a stunning vocal performance that soars into the upper register. A supple return, ‘Genesis’ is indebted to Clementine’s inherent creativity.

The songwriter adds: “’Genesis’ is a song about the constant denial of my roots. But as always no matter what we do in the new world our old world is buried in our subconscious. I found myself in a love hate relationship with my roots. I am trapped in free.” 

Benjamin Sourrouso and Benjamin Clementine join to direct the visuals, which you can find below.

‘And I Have Been’ tracklist:

  1. ‘Residue’
  2. ‘Delighted’
  3. ‘Difference’ 
  4. ‘Genesis’
  5. ‘Gypsy, BC’
  6. ‘Atonement’
  7. ‘Last Movement Of Hope’
  8. ‘Copening’
  9. ‘Weakend’ 
  10. ‘Auxiliary’
  11. ‘Loveluster’ 
  12. ‘Recommence’
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