Benga Removes Himself From Dubstep

"I don't want to be any part of dubstep anymore."

Benga has removed himself from dubstep, insisting that he doesn’t want to be a part of the genre anymore.

The origins of most genres are fiercely debated. However dubstep arguably owes its birth to a particular time and a particular place: the Big Apple record shop in Croydon.

In the room upstairs the young Skream and Benga were introduced to the basics of production, fostering their own sound in the process. Their paths have since taken them in some unusual directions, while dubstep has become a globe conquering sound in the process.

Now Benga has severed any ties with the dubstep scene. Speaking to the NME, he said: “I’ve been seen to say that dubstep is the music of our generation, but that’s now changed. I believe now that certain artists are the future, I don’t want to be any part of dubstep anymore.”

It’s a sad statement from the producer, who helped to define the classic dubstep sound (140, wobble, enormous drops) and provided the scene with some of its most vital early anthems. Such as this one.

In the same interview, Skream offered some ruminations on the way dubstep as a genre has progressed. Arguing that “it was safe to say” dubstep was the music of his generation, the producer then said: “I think it’s been the fastest genre to become solidified. The only reason dubstep has a bad rep is because it’s become a trend.”

Skream and Benga are now focussing on Magnetic Man, who are currently planning their second album.


Well… that was surprising. When Clash put this news piece live yesterday we didn’t bank on it becoming such a viral success, attracting so much attention.

We’ve been getting comments from people disputing the source of this interview, so the news piece will be updated with the full video. Sure, Magnetic Man are joking around during the interview but they do make some serious points.

We used the quote from Benga to highlight a growing divide between dubstep and where his own music is going. Skream’s comments are actually insightful – dubstep did succumb to a standard format in record time.

Here’s the interview.

Oh, and while you’re here… we’ve got the new Dismantle EP as well. Full stream HERE.

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