Hessle Audio boss enters series
FabricLive 67

Hessle Audio boss and Rinse FM host Ben UFO is set to take hold of the latest mix in the FabricLive series.

In the age of the internet, little stays secret for long. However few facts have escaped the public gaze for as short a time as Ben UFO's decision to steer the latest mix in the FabricLive series. Public knowledge for some time now, Fabric press released the news this afternoon.

It's a welcome addition, with Ben UFO's depth of experience, his knowledge of genres outside the norm and his willingness to throw fans the odd curveball making this an enticing instalment. 'FABRICLIVE 67: Ben UFO' will be released on January 21st, and finds Ben UFO exploring the space between the bedroom and the dancefloor.

A typically illuminating quote from the DJ: “A release like this seems like a good opportunity to contextualise music for people at a time where information is spread pretty chaotically, and this mix is hopefully a good representation of how the music we release relates to the music we play in clubs.”

The tracklisting opens with some dubby techno, including the Pev & Kowton collaboration 'Raw Code'. Typically diverse, the mix flips between genres with Ben UFO playing with styles and tempos whilst throwing in the odd experimental cut.

The Hessle crew are evident throughout, with Ben UFO dropping tracks from co-founders Pearson Sound and Pangaea as well as fellow traveller Joe. Ending with Kuedo's remix of Grown Folk x Main Attrakionz, 'FABRICLIVE 67: Ben UFO' looks to be another great instalment in the series.

'FABRICLIVE 67: Ben UFO' is set to be released on January 21st. Tracklisting:

1. Mix Mup - Dub
2. Delroy Edwards - Feelings
3. Pev & Kowton - Raw Code
4. Tim ‘Love’ Lee - The Tortoise (Sex Tags Mania NYC Mix)
5. Elgato - Zone
6. Gesloten Cirkel - Twisted Balloon
7. Chicago Skyway - It's OK
8. K Hand - Project 5 (Untitled B1)
9. Fluxion - Pendoulous
10. Minimal Man - Consexual
11. Jam City - Club Thanz
12. Herbert - Take Me Back
13. Lowtec - Looser
14. Pearson Sound - Clutch
15. Mr. Fingers - I'm Strong (Instrumental)
16. Shackleton vs Kasai Allstars - Mukuba Special
17. Kyle Hall and Kero - Zug Island
18. Circuit Breaker - Ping
19. Osborne - Bout Ready to Jak (Shake Remix)
20. Juniper - Jovian Planet
21. A Made Up Sound - Malfunction (Despair)
22. Grain - Untitled
23. Bandshell - Perc
24. Blawan - And Both His Sons
25. Pangaea - Release
26. Joe - Studio Power On
27. Floating Points - Danger (Locked Groove)
28. Grown Folk x Main Attrakionz - I.C.E. (Kuedo Remix)


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