Richard Colburn embarks on a North Dakota adventure...
Belle & Sebastian (Credit: Soren Solkaer)

Every band has been there - you try to pack for a big American tour, and you leave something behind... a suitcase, replacement guitar strings, the drummer...

Belle & Sebastian singer Stuart Murdoch relayed the details of the story on social media earlier in the week, revealing that when the band stopped off at a Walmart in North Dakota drummer Richard Colburn failed to get back on the bus.

Speaking to The Current, Stuart Murdoch explained that Richard Colburn had been left without a phone or ID - only his credit card.

The singer explained: “The thing is, he was probably thinking that somebody was going to notice, but the trouble is everybody went to bed.”

“I mean, there used to be a system,” the singer added. “But because we all have mobile phones these days, everybody’s got a little bit blasé about it. It used to be that it was the pass on the passenger seat — you used to leave a pass for the last person, and that’s how the driver knew.”

Stuart Murdoch added: “With a band our size… it’s like herding cats! So it’s maybe not surprising that something like this happened.”

Thankfully, both band and drummer saw the funny side:

Thanks for your help folks. We have Richard on a plane now, so everything is ok. He's in his pyjamas, sitting with a mimosa

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