Bella Poarch, Lauv Unite On ‘Crush’

It's an effortlessly infectious pop smash...

Bella Poarch and Lauv unite on new single ‘Crush’.

Out now, it’s part of Bella’s ascension – first gaining widespread notice as a TikTok heroine, her first love was always music. Explosive single ‘Build A Bitch’ served notice, while her remarkable ‘Dolls’ EP felt truly exciting.

‘Crush’ dials back the future-facing electronics a little, instead aiming to service up something pure and innocent. Combining with Lauv, the two work on a potent pop song, and it’s a thrill to hear those two voices together on one release.

Bella Poarch says the song represents “the fun, brighter side of me” and it’s certainly packed with colour – just right for these late summer days, it’s a hazy ode to the intoxicating power of falling for someone.

She says:

“The song itself is light, cheeky, and it gives you the flirty feeling of butterflies in your stomach that you get when sparks begin to fly. It’s about being in the moment and indulging in the simple things like binging Love Island, or having an innocent crush without overthinking it (which I’m guilty of). 

Having recently collaborated with Grimes, Bella Poarch displays her openness with another musician – Lauv arguably completes the song, his voice perfectly countering her own.

She adds: “Lauv is such an incredible artist and being able to work with him is such an honour. He’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I LAUVed working with him hehe.” 

For his part, Lauv adds: “‘Crush’ is about that feeling when you’re into someone but don’t wanna cross the line cause it’s so fun just being slightly into them. Love singing with [Bella] and so happy ‘Crush’ is finally out!”

Tune in now.

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