It's a bold move from the Liverpool based newcomer...

Liverpool based Beija Flo has shared her powerful new single 'Nudes' - tune in now.

Born in Essex but now part of Liverpool's creative community, Beija Flo is a striking talent, whose music feels explicitly intertwined with her own life and experiences.

Working with Eggy Records, new single 'Nudes' is online now, a song with an overwhelming emotional impact.

The arrangement moves with sparse intensity, the ruptured electronics stuttering as Beija Flo's emphatic vocal drives the point home.

A song about discomfort in your own body and how this impacts on your mental being, 'Nudes' details paranoia while also using music to find a path through.

She comments...

“Life is a series of shifts. People visit. Some leave gifts behind. Some litter. Some decimate. The brain and the body has become a personal jungle; dangerous and eerie at night-time."

"Nudes is loneliness in limbo. Nudes is anguish. Nudes is trust. Nudes is doubt. Nudes is fear. Nudes is exhaustion. Nudes is therapy. Nudes is mine.”

Tune in now.

Bejija Flow will play London's Waiting Room on October 4th - she's onstage at 8.30pm and you can grab a (completely free) ticket HERE.

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