It's out on May 13th...

Bears Den will release new album 'Blue Hours' on May 13th.

The folk-hewn songwriting duo return, re-uniting with producer Ian Grimble on a highly personal new record.

Out on May 13th, the record will be accompanied by a lengthy tour, one that spans UK, Europe, and North America.

The band's Andrew Davie comments: "'Blue Hours' is a kind of imaginary space you get into at night, a place where you process difficult things or where you try to figure everything out."

A reflective record, 'Blue Hours' concentrates on mental health, and self-reflection. "It's the main over-arching theme with this record," Davie continues in a press note.

He adds: "It probably speaks to our struggles and hopefully many other people's too. Men are not very good at talking. We're not really taught how to - men have no idea how to talk about this stuff, certainly to each other."

New song 'Spiders' is a direct, potent return, one framed by darkness while searching for the light.

Tune in now.

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