Featuring a voice over from Dave Sitek...

Beady Eye have posted new studio footage, featuring a voice over from Dave Sitek.

Beady Eye are back. New album 'BE' is out today (June 10th) and it features a rejuvenated group, one who have benefited from an outfit voice. Renowned producer Dave Sitek stood over proceedings, helping to allow the band to find their feet.

Taking chances, 'BE' - as Clash editor Simon Harper puts it - "finds them listening to instincts, indulging creative impulses, and elevating ambitions beyond the restrictions of blue-collar rock ‘n’ roll."

Now the band have posted a new clip demonstrating some of the studio process behind the new album. Featuring Beady Eye hard at work, the video contains a revealing voiceover from Dave Sitek.

In his own words... "This will go out into the world, and our work is done, and that's our primary responsibility. And the gift that we get from doing something like this is, is the present. Like, when we press play... That's the highest gift anyone can have, it's like 'woah, f*ck', we made something happen. I mean, life is about growth, it's about change."

Watch it below.

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'BE' is out now.

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