bby Announce Plans For Debut Album ‘1’

It's out on July 19th...

East London group bby have shared plans for their debut album ‘1’.

The band formed online during our final spell in lockdown, different musicians with different voices, and their own unique approach to art. As the pandemic receded, bby were able to explore ideas in IRL, and their profile exploded.

Set to play a slew of festivals this summer, bby’s eagerly awaited debut album ‘1’ is set to be released on July 19th. Co-founder Benjy comments…

The heart of it is the hangs. Playing these songs for the day 1s at the HQ. Sweating, moshing, drinking, dancing and figuring them all out live. Playing a hundred different versions until they hit just right. Playing a hundred different jams until we got 13 songs that tell the story we wanna tell and move the room how we wanna move it.

The East London crew preview the record on new song ‘Fucked Up’ – a song about party excess, and the damage this can do to your mental health.

Benjy says…

‘Fucked Up’ was originally really sad to me and based around a dark thought. About the morning after a night out when you’re miserable and hungover and like having this feeling that the only time you feel like you’re yourself is when you’re fucked up. You kinda work all week and then only really let go and feel like yourself when you don’t feel yourself. And sometimes it’s like that.

But then the week before we finished it, I had one of those nights that just goes on forever and the crew was flying. Then you all have a hangover together after, then maybe go have a couple more at the pub. And I wrote the second verse that night and was like hang on – this is a fucking celebration – let’s go to a rave again. Now I think it’s kinda about both… and I like that. Cos the sesh do be a dark and glowing place.

Tune in now.

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