bb and Sainté Unveil Ode To Transience, ‘Vacant’

Watch the AI-generated visual...

London producer bb ropes in frequent collaborator Sainté for their next collaborative release. ‘Vacant’ pulses with engineered dynamism: harpsichord flourishes, a deconstructed jersey club beat, game boy effects and Sainté’s malleable flow combine on a post-summer reflection.

Of the process making ‘Vacant’, bb explains: “After the Vacation Tour; myself and Sainté flew over to LA for a break after a pretty hectic month. We continued cooking up ideas at the Airbnb and ‘Vacant’ happened to be one of them. When we created it we were just having fun, trying not to overthink anything. Spending our time with other creative friends coming out of Jersey and New York, we found ourselves messing around with a bunch of different sounds.

Of the video, which integrates pioneering AI, director LAUZZA says:

“As soon as the reference was given to me by bb I instantly wanted to put a spin on a boundary-pushing video from two years ago, but with a 2023 twist on it. By utilising all the best AI available to us and combining it with a unique idea it gave us something the visual world hasn’t seen before.”

Photo Credit: Jamie Mourn

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